customized dashboard software tailored to fit each service provider

Customer Experience Dashboard Benefits

  • High quality execution of Swap-out campaigns by your existing CSRs
  • Drive more effective customer interactions
  • Reduce handle time and operational costs
  • Real Time visibility for agent stats
  • Improve customer service and reduce customer churn
  • Rapid deployment – weeks not months

With the Customer Experience Dashboard software, dashboards are customized for each service provider taking into account their billing sources, business metrics, OSS Applications and internal sites.

Simplify and Increase Productivity

Many broadband service provider operations are made up of isolated customer interaction systems and applications that cross over multiple business functions. In addition, the number of customer communication touch points has increased dramatically in recent years. The complexity this presents to contact center operations is expensive and negatively impacts customer service.

The Customer Experience Dashboard solution empowers service providers to reduce complexity, increase efficiencies and drive revenue by using one comprehensive platform to integrate multiple systems.

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