Challenges Coordinating Swap-out Programs

Over the past 10 years MSOs have deployed new products and services with increasing velocity. DOCSIS 3.0 is now common, DOCSIS 4.0 is on the horizon, and download speeds are an important competitive weapon. The installed base of early DOCSIS devices is approaching end-of-life.

More than 50% of the customer premise devices installed in the past 10 years are candidates for replacement in the next 12 months.

Service providers who can accomplish this will retain customers and grow revenue.

Why Engineering, Marketing, & CS all needed this yesterday?

  • Engineering must replace end-of-life devices to upgrade network quality
  • Marketing must offer competitive tiered high speed offerings
  • Customer Service suffers through problems resulting from aging devices

Until now, it’s been difficult to handle device replacements in an efficient and cost effective manner. Only the most critical device replacements have been done, often including high costs for customer contact activities and truck-rolls. Tracking and reporting progress has been difficult, as has coordination between Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Care.

Solution: Advance Device Replacement

Our device replacement solution will help you cost effectively contact customers and swap-out devices with a high degree of visibility into your efforts.

The ADR program includes:

  • Replacement Campaign Design (what devices, where, when, how, and to whom)
  • Simple CSR tools
  • Up selling scripts for CSRs
  • Self-Service Device Replacement Website™ (SSDR)
  • Billing/OSS Integration
  • Home Delivery Order Management
  • Complete Reporting

We help you reach targeted customers through a variety of channels:

  • Email (integrated with your ESP)
  • An MSO branded website for one-click orders
  • Automated interactive calls (your IVR or ours)
  • Direct mail pieces and bill inserts
  • Browser messaging (we’re currently integrated with PerfTech and FrontPorch)
  • Cross Channel Spots

Results you can expect using our solution:

  • High quality execution of Swap-out campaigns by your existing CSRs
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased high speed product take rates
  • Improved network operation
  • Browser messaging (we’re currently integrated with PerfTech and FrontPorch)
  • “One view of the truth” (Swap-out dashboard) shared by Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Care.

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