Easily Coordinate Your Analog Reclamation Programs

Reclaiming bandwidth to support All-Digital initiatives can be a slow and costly proposition.  We help to dramatically reduce the overall time and cost to explain the change to customers, get them to take action, and to deploy digital devices across your markets.

We contact customers on your behalf through a variety of channels:

  • Email (integrated with your ESP)
  • Automated interactive calls (your IVR or ours)
  • Direct mail pieces and bill inserts
  • Browser messaging (we’re currently integrated with PerfTech and FrontPorch)
  • Cross Channel Spots

Sample MSO branded website for one-click ordering

All Digital ordering

Conversion Portal Features

Our solution will help you cost effectively contact customers and deploy digital devices with a high degree of visibility into your efforts.

The Conversion Portal includes:

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting – including capital projectionsanalog reclamation charts and graphs
  • Simple CSR tools
  • Up selling scripts for CSRs
  • Self-Service Device Replacement Website™ (SSDR)
  • Billing/OSS Integration
  • Home Delivery Order Management

Results you can expect using our solution:

  • High quality execution of All-Digital campaigns by your existing CSRs
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased digital product take rates
  • Improved network operation
  • “One view of the truth” (All-Digital dashboard) shared by Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Care.

Please contact us with specific inquiries.