Home Delivery Lifecycle for MSOs

Home Delivery Features

Our comprehensive Order Management Solution includes:

  • Seamless Billing/CRM integration in your Contact Centers
  • Orders created directly from Billing System codes with a CSR client application for order lookup
  • No CSR Training required (a bold claim!)
  • Comprehensive management and reporting for the entire order activation process across systems and business partners
  • Automated Business Rules (devices, shipping options, kits) determined by business unit or geography
  • Web-based CRM for customer follow-ups and fallout management
  • Personalized letters and emails to subscribers
  • A Global Fulfillment Footprint
  • Feeds to Service Provider Accounting Systems to accurately track and manage assets
  • Short implementation process and rapid ROI

*Ask about Device Consignment Programs for your manufacturers


Supported Devices

We support Home Delivery and self-installation of any devices you can think of, including:

  • modems and converged devices
  • digital remotes
  • HD & SD digital receivers
  • DVRs and TiVo
  • cable CARDs
  • tuning adapters
  • home security systems
  • return kits


Home Delivery Benefits

Our clients report:

  • Reduced activation costs ranging from $25 to $125 per order.
  • And, perhaps even more important, the ability to easily add new Home Delivery products and services without CSR training

Please contact us with specific inquiries.