Custom Solutions

We specialize in creating hosted services that automate business processes spanning legacy systems and partner companies. We emphasize rapid iterative development techniques and re-use of software components.

Our experienced analysts begin by understanding your business and your process management needs. If you’d like us to help define a new solution we’ll be happy to share our experience and the insight we’ve developed over the past 15 years.

If you’ve already defined a detailed solution we’ll gladly assist with implementation.

We can add features, functions and data adapters to our hosted solutions, or build new applications.


Project Methodology

Adrenaline employs the principles outlined below to guide the planning, management, and control of all implementation and consulting projects. These principles provide a full life cycle project management methodology and incorporate industry standards and project management best practices.

Status Reports: The Status Reports are provided periodically to describe project team accomplishments, plans, issues, and status and provide cost and schedule tracking updates. It keeps the client informed of the status of recent and future milestones. In addition, project risks will be identified and issues requiring special attention will be highlighted.

Project Review Meetings: Brief weekly Project Review meetings are conducted to ensure that client staff members are kept fully informed of project status and to provide a forum to facilitate client review of progress, issues, and decisions.

Issue Management: Issues that surface during project work are identified and documented, so they can be tracked, expedited, and brought to resolution. Outstanding issues that are not resolved promptly are escalated to client and Adrenaline management for priority resolution.

Deliverable Acceptance Process: Adrenaline will work with the client early in the project to agree on Acceptance Criteria for each significant project deliverable. When deliverables are completed, Acceptance Certificates will be provided for client signature. Acceptance Criteria help ensure that Adrenaline has a clear understanding of client requirements and priorities. Acceptance Certificates confirm that deliverables are complete and can be used as building blocks for continued project work.

Change Management: Changes to project scope and requirements or to significant project documentation under baseline control are initiated using a Change Request. The Change Request provides a means for describing, evaluating, resolving, and tracking changes that may be requested by client staff, identified by the project team, or driven by changes in the client organization or environment.

Risk Management: Adrenaline includes risk analysis and risk management as a normal part of every customization project. Using a Risk Analysis process, the project team will list the expected risks and prioritize these items according to potential project impact. The Project Manager will ensure that a project-specific risk list is maintained and that any risk issues are reported in Status Reports and at Project Review Meetings.

Completion Certificate: Adrenaline’s projects conclude with a formal closure phase to clearly document project completion. Once signed Acceptance Certificates have been obtained for all project deliverables, the Completion Certificate signifies that the project has come to closure and the deliverables have met the customer’s expectations.

Please contact us with specific inquiries.