• Began construction of a new troubleshooting tool to to improve first call resolution and accountability of CSR and TSR support activities.



  • Created a new service to cleanup address data in popluar Billing systems.  First deployed at New Wave Communications, the service accepts Billing address data, removes duplicate records, standardizes and geo-codes addresses and allows MSO’s to easily edit or remove records by location.
  • Created a new solution to enable real-time customer address serviceability checks and location adds within popular Billing systems (CSG and ICOMS).
  • Created a new service to track and manage sales campaigns by DNS.  The service tracks and reports on inbound calls to Campaign phone numbers and associates orders with calls.
  • Expanded the Home Delivery Solution with a new Provisioning Service module.  The Provisioning Service connects directly to popular Billing Systems API’s like CSG’s SLBOS and executes fast, reliable, and auditable device updates.
  • Created a Webmail Smart Proxy Server for the Zimbra email service to support seamless customer transitions of webmail versions on a SPA by SPA basis.
  • Designed and deployed a CSG Billing Gateway for use by internal Mediacom application teams and vendors.



  • Order Assurance Application goes live at Mediacom to monitor and track progress of TiVo device orders, identity order exceptions, and queue up exceptions for Mediacom Customer Care agent resolution and correction.
  • Agent Dashboard application goes live at Mediacom Communications. AD reduces support costs and enhances the customer experience by providing CSRs an integrated but simple Dashboard that connects a growing list of over 20 Billing & OSS Systems.
  • Integration completed with Omnia Billing System used by many Tier II MSOs.



  • CID Outage Management System goes live at Mediacom. The CID system collects IVR symptoms, automates assessment tasks, generates symptom maps, publishes outages, and creates help desk tickets.
  • Expanded Home Delivery solution at two major MSO clients to support all devices and service lines (modems, set-tops, Cable CARDs, remotes, etc.)
  • Streamlined order management system to automatically generate order contents directly from Billing data eliminating the need for additional CSR steps.



  • Call Manager application turned on at major MSO client. Call Manager is a web-based CRM application used by CSRs to manage customer follow-up activity. It consolidates data from multiple systems to queue up and trigger follow-up tasks for order, delivery, and activation fallout.
  • Added integration with browser messaging platforms PerfTech and Front Porch to reach customers targeted for device upgrades.
  • Cable CARD Home Delivery program goes live for a major MSO client.



  • Added hosted inbound and outbound IVR applications to support digital conversion programs (analog reclamation). Our IVR applications  integrate with our hosted order management system and enable clients to start and stop call sessions using their own Conversion Portal web page. Includes comprehensive tabular and graphical reporting to assist MSO management with program planning and execution. The system minimizes CSR time and costs while rapidly increasing customer conversion rates.
  • Expanded SSDR program to support digital conversion programs at two major MSO clients. As MSOs conduct digital conversions, large groups of customers need to be notified and shipped digital devices to avoid service interruptions. All points of customer contact and conversion are tracked and managed through the ODPM platform.
  • Launched Self-Service Device Replacement Website™ (SSDR) for a major MSO client. This program provides MSOs a branded portal where customers targeted for device upgrades place swap-out orders. SSDR is an add-on to our existing ADR (Advance Device Replacement) service which prompts Contact Center personnel to process device upgrades.



  • Device return processing launched for a major MSO client. This service allows MSOs to increase expensive device recoveries without dispatching a technician or requiring customers to visit local offices.
  • Began development of a solution to manage renewals for government certification boards. This product is being developed with ASP.NET and SQL-Server 2008.
  • Expanded CSR Alert messaging to include variable messages by market area and by franchise. This new service keeps virtualized Call Centers in step with local competitive environments throughout North America.



  • Added CSR Alert messaging to ODPM platform to help our client Call Centers administer company policies
  • DOCSIS 3.0 modem upgrade program launched for a major MSO client
  • Launched new Web2.0 business entity, Chorus LLC, an innovative new service enabling social web annotation.



  • Advance Device Replacement program goes live at Charter Communications
  • Major upgrade made to Adrenaline’s ODPM software platform to improve Client Accounting System integration
  • Remote control home delivery program goes live
  • Replico Corporation becomes a fulfillment partner
  • Web service interface goes live with Charter Online for self-install kits and modems
  • New client reporting deployed
  • Adrenaline Technologies signs a multi-year enterprise-wide agreement with Charter Communications to provide On Demand Process Management
  • New multi-processor servers deployed in Adrenaline’s Dallas Data Center
  • Home router self-installation program goes live at Cox Communications
  • Thin client software deployed to initial third-party Contact Centers
  • Thin client versions of Billing System clients completed for use at third-party Contact Centers